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Farm for sale (#4243)

Farm for sale
Address: 6112 Pálmonostora, Postaházi dűlő 200.
Price: 199.000 €
In the middle of nature, surrounded by woods and meadows, in a beautiful location, a multi-generational, self-catering horse farm for sale. The property ...

Detached house for sale (#1392)

Family house for all needs
Address: 2911 Mocsa, Újtelep 14.
Price: 194.000 €
In a quiet little street of Mocsa, in a safe neighbourhood, we offer for sale a 105 m² brick house that meets ...

Detached house for sale (#1381)

Farmhouse, fishing lake, pasture for farming
Address: Fejér county
Price: 339.000 €
In Fejér County, in Csősz, in a beautiful natural environment, in a residential area, for sale is a 56 m² farmhouse + 24 ...

Detached house for sale (#1371)

Spacious house in the green belt of Pécs
Address: 7631 Pécs, Kispostavölgyi út 123.
Price: 200.000 €
The house is located in the green belt of Pécs, in a quiet, peaceful, natural environment. The city ...

Farm for sale (#4237)

Premium farmhouse with forest, swimming pool
Address: Bács-Kiskun county
Price: 400.000 €
For sale is a 1 hectare family estate with a 220 m² house with four premium quality bedrooms. The plot has its own ...

Detached house for sale (#1358)

Double farmhouse at the foot of the Mecsek
Address: 7354 Váralja, Kossuth Lajos utca 63.
Price: 194.000 €
In Váralja, a quiet village in the eastern foothills of the Mecsek, a 2-farmhouse property with covered ...

Guesthouse for sale (#5177)

Family estate for guest house, riding stables
Address: Veszprém county
Price: 989.000 €
Away from the noise of the cities, 3 km from Tapolca, for sale is a family estate, suitable for a guest house ...

Villa for sale (#6021)

Three-storey luxury villa
Address: Heves county
Price: 239.000 €
14 minutes from Eger, on the edge of the national park, in a beautiful natural setting, at the beginning of a dead end street, for sale ...

Vacation house for sale

Weekend house for sale (#2049)

Holiday home for sale
Address: Zala county
Price: 13.000 €

Weekend house for sale (#2048)

Holiday home for sale
Address: Zala county
Price: 76.000 €

Weekend house for sale (#2047)

Holiday home for sale
Address: Zala county
Price: 41.000 €

Weekend house for sale (#2046)

Holiday home for sale
Address: Somogy county
Price: 37.000 €

Weekend house for sale (#2045)

Holiday home for sale
Address: Baranya county
Price: 44.000 €

Weekend house for sale (#2044)

Four-storey house in Slovenia
Address: Slovenia
Price: 1.200.000 €
In Izola, Slovenia, for sale is a completely renovated four-storey historical building built in the 19th century, suitable for residential and touristic purposes. The building is ...

Weekend house for sale (#2043)

Holiday house near Lake Balaton
Address: 8651 Balatonszabadi, Józanhegy, 1196/2 HRSZ
Price: 76.000 €
The property is located 10 km from Lake Balaton and Siófok, in a place easily accessible by road, in a quiet ...

Weekend house for sale (#2042)

Enclosed garden with small house on panoramic plot
Address: Vas county
Price: 67.000 €
In a wine region, in Borgátafürdő, on the Kis-Somlyó hill, for sale is a 4.800 m² enclosed garden that is easily ...

Weekend house for sale (#2041)

Holiday home, guest house with large garden
Address: 5094 Tiszajenő
Price: 98.000 €
For sale is a property built in an unincorporated area as a guest house. It has a base of 22×7 m, 150 ...

Weekend house for sale (#2040)

Farmhouse with fishing pond
Address: Csongrád county
Price: 150.000 €
Located 35 km from Szeged, in a quiet area by the woods, a beautiful farmhouse property with a 2-metre deep fishing pond is for sale ...

Holiday home for sale (#2031)

Holiday home for sale
Address: Bács-Kiskun county
Price: 98.000 €

Holiday home for sale (#2027)

Holiday home for sale
Address: Hajdú-Bihar county
Price: 379.000 €

SOLD: Holiday home (#2023)

Holiday home for sale
Address: 2638 Kemence, Üdülőövezet
Price: 83.990 €

Flat for sale

Apartment for sale (#7047)

Apartment for sale
Address: Somogy county
Price: 297.000 €

Apartment for sale (#7046)

Apartment for sale
Address: Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county
Price: 144.000 €

Apartment for sale (#7045)

Renovated bourgeois apartment in Budapest
Address: 1068 Budapest, Király utca 82.
Price: 429.000 €
In the heart of downtown Budapest, an unencumbered, bourgeois apartment is for sale from the owner. The property has been renovated ...

Apartment for sale (#7044)

Small apartment in apartment house next to spa
Address: 5465 Cserkeszőlő, Termál lakópark, Tetőtér 106.ajtó
Price: 58.000 €
In the heart of Hungary, in the sunny village of Cserkeszőlő, in the Cserke-Thermál Apartment House in ...

Apartment for sale (#7043)

Apartment in the green belt of Buda
Address: Budapest
Price: 218.000 €
In the green belt of Buda, an elegant, ground floor apartment with three rooms in good condition is for sale. It has a ...

Apartments for sale (#7042)

Apartments in a residential park by the Danube
Address: 1118 Budapest, Fibula utca
Price: 186.000 €
The waterfront residential complex with a panoramic view of the Danube is the perfect choice for those who prefer ...

SOLD: Apartment (#7041)

Apartment for sale
Address: Budapest
Price: 611.000 €

Apartment for sale (#7040)

Newly built exclusive flats
Address: 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Komp utca 4.
Price: 138.500 €
Newly built, exclusive 1-2-3-bedroom apartments are for sale in a gated community with native trees in Szigetszentmiklós, at the edge of Budapest ...

Apartment for sale (#7035)

Apartment for sale
Address: Budapest
Price: 301.000 €

SOLD: Flat (#7023)

Apartment for sale
Address: 1012 Budapest, Logodi utca
Price: 233.990 €

SOLD: Flat (#7020)

Beautiful apartment in the 9th district
Address: 1097 Budapest, Drégely utca 6-8.
Price: 151.900 €
Available from the 30th of August 2019. An underground garage space is optionally available for purchase together with a 4.5 ...

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