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Lawn mowing, landscaping

Lawn mowing, gardening
Address: Pest county
Price: By agreement

Agricultural property (#5116)

Agricultural property, flower nursery
Address: Hajdú-Bihar county
Price: 800.000 €
In an agricultural and industrial zone, next to a main road, in an easily accessible location, for sale with its all facilities is a 22.000 ...

Building plot for sale (#3064)

Plot in interior zone in the Bakony
Address: 8419 Csesznek, Vasút utca
Price: 143.000 €
In the heart of the Bakony Mountains in Western Hungary a 12.308 m² plot is for sale in the interior ...

Farm for sale (#4171)

Farm for sale
Address: 6055 Lajosmizse, Felsőlajos Mizse 9.
Price: 275.000 €

Building plot for sale (#3060)

Land for sale
Address: 7384 Baranyajenő, Szabadság u. 37.
Price: 1.990 €
9 Baugrundstücke stehen mit schöner Aussicht, nahe der Autostraße 66 in Baranyajenő zum Verkauf. Dieses Innengebiet steht unter Entwicklung. Einige der Grundstücke sind ...

Commercial property for sale

Apartment house for sale (#5122)

Apartment house, farmhouse complex
Address: Bács-Kiskun county
Price: 942.000 €
For sale is a farm complex built in 2000, near the motorway and a thermal spa. 9 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 5 fitted kitchens. 75 m² ...

Hotel for sale (#5119)

Hotel / Motel / Guesthouse for sale
Address: Bács-Kiskun county
Price: 916.000 €

Plot for sale (#3058)

Commercial building with underground garage in South Buda
Address: Budapest
Price: 886.000 €
In a prominent location in South Buda, for sale is a two-storey commercial building with underground garage for 23 cars and surface ...

Detached house for sale (#1285)

Family house with builders’ yard
Address: Somogy county
Price: 562.000 €
Andocs village is located between Siófok and Kaposvár, where a builders’ yard with a well-established clientele and a complete stock is for sale together ...

Farmhouse for business (#4180)

Renovated farmhouse property for business
Address: Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county
Price: 105.000 €
Renovated farmhouse property. Currently operating as a business: tourist hostel, children’s camp, workers’ accommodation, events. Accommodation for 20 persons. 3 + 2 rooms, 10 ...

Workers’ hostel for sale (#5118)

Workers’ hostel for sale
Address: Komárom-Esztergom county
Price: 391.000 €

Detached house for sale (#1276)

Detached house for sale
Address: 5552 Kardos, Csabai út 85.
Price: 337.000 €

Apartment building for sale (#5117)

Apartment house in the centre of Gyôr
Address: Győr-Moson-Sopron county
Price: 914.000 €
Clean, practical and comfortable, this self-operating accommodation is currently occupied by business travellers. 5 floors, 75 m² per floor, total: 400 m² ...

Mansion for sale (#8040)

Fantastic opportunity in the centre of Vác!
Address: Pest county
Price: 1.997.000 €
A 2.350 m² three-storey mansion to be renovated is for sale 200 metres from the main square of Vác. Entering the building ...

Detached house for sale (#1269)

House with panoramic views at the top of Kôérberek
Address: Budapest
Price: 1.114.000 €
Renovated in 1997, a building with uniquely stunning views is for sale at the top of Kôérberek in Southern Buda. The ...

Hotel by Lake Velence (#5111)

Hotel complex by Lake Velence
Address: 2474 Kápolnásnyék, Tó utca 10/A
Price: 1.771.000 €
A 31-room hotel complex is for sale by Lake Velence, 900 metres from the thermal bath. For the guests there are ...

Business property for sale (#5110)

Commercial property for sale
Address: 7347 Egyházaskozár, Béke u. 19.
Price: 476.000 €

Business property for sale (#5108)

Commercial property for sale
Address: Pest county
Price: 114.000 €

SOLD: Business property (#5107)

Apartment house in Százhalombatta
Address: Pest county
Price: 854.000 €
A high-yield, 19-flat apartment house is for sale in Százhalombatta, an excellent location of the metropolitan area. There are 6.000 companies present in this industrialized ...

Guesthouse for sale (#5105)

Guesthouse for sale
Address: Somogy county
Price: 714.000 €

Commercial space for sale (#5102)

Commercial property for sale
Address: Budapest
Price: 193.000 €

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5100)

Highland guesthouse, business
Address: 2624 Szokolya, Fő utca 53.
Price: 192.000 €
A modernized farmhouse by the gateway to the Danube-Ipoly National Park is for sale. The property is up for sale with a running ...

Business property for sale (#5097)

Commercial property in Kecskemét
Address: 6000 Kecskemét, Ceglédi út 92.
Price: 200.000 €
The premises is located by one of the busiest roads in Kecskemét. The 1,578 m² plot comes with all necessary permits, the ...

Business property for sale (#5096)

Equestrian farm near Pécs
Address: 7675 Kővágótöttös, Külterület 089/5 hrsz.
Price: 986.000 €
12 kms from Pécs in southern Hungary, at the south-western feet in the Mecsek an equestrian farm is for sale. 1.000 m² ...

Business property for sale (#5094)

Commercial property for sale
Address: 3300 Eger, Family Park Eger
Price: 714.000 €

Business property for sale (#5092)

Commercial property for sale
Address: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county
Price: 1.500.000 €

Agricultural property (#5090)

Multifunctional commercial properties
Address: 2381 Táborfalva, Tarcsay u. 7.
Price: 1.091.000 €
Two multifunctional commercial properties connected by a private asphalted road is For sale in Pest county. Lot size: 3.600 m², asphalted road, connected ...

Business property for sale (#5089)

Commercial property for sale
Address: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county
Price: 45.000 €

Business property for sale (#5084)

Commercial property for sale
Address: 7000 Sárbogárd, Salamon utca 23.
Price: 364.000 €

Business property for sale (#5079)

Business property for sale
Address: Heves county
Price: 394.000 €

Business property for sale (#5078)

Business property for sale
Address: 2600 Vác, Szent László út
Price: 1.061.000 €
Rare investment opportunity near the Danube! A commercial property is for sale at one of Vác’s most frequented sites, next to the ...

Inn, house in Slovenia (#5076)

Inn, house in Slovenia
Address: 9220 Lendava, Dolga vas, Glavna ulica 57.
Price: 485.000 €
Three properties on a large plot next to a main road are for sale in Slovenia, near the Hungarian border ...

Fishing lake for sale (#5075)

68-hectare fishing lake
Address: 3292 Adács, Külterület 034/16 hrsz
Price: 1.000.000 €
A 68-hectare lake is for sale 80 kms east of Budapest, 10 kms from Gyöngyös, near the motorway. The lake has been operating ...

Hostel and campsite for sale (#5074)

Hostel and campsite for sale
Address: 2625 Kóspallag, Kisinóci út 017/2.
Price: 1.268.000 €
A traditional hostel and campsite with all the modern conveniences is for sale in the heart of the Danube Bend. Located ...

Hostel with adventure park (#5073)

Hostel with adventure park
Address: 2626 Nagymaros, Törökmező
Price: 1.450.000 €
An incredibly busy hostel which is open all year round is for sale at the Danube Bend. It is located in the middle of ...

Business property in Slovakia (#5068)

Business property in Slovakia
Address: Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia, Železničná 675/1.
Price: 1.000.000 €
Built in 1902 in the Slovakian town of Rimavská Sobotá (Rimaszombat), the property is located on the corner of a sought after ...

Retirement home for sale (#5067)

Retirement home in Bábolna
Address: 2943 Bábolna, József A. u. 2. and 4.
Price: 3.330.000 €
The “House of Cheeriness Retirement Home” has been operating in 2 separate buildings since 2006 as a family enterprise ...

Winery and cellar for sale (#5064)

Renovated winery in Eger
Address: 3300 Eger, Verőszala út 32.
Price: 184.000 €
A 304 m² fully-equipped winery with all its appliances and wine stock is for sale in the historical centre of Eger. Built ...

Wellness hotel for sale (#5062)

Homely wellness hotel
Address: 8749 Zalakaros, Üdülő sor 6.
Price: 1.469.000 €
300 metres from the thermal bath in Zalakaros a magnificent 26-room homely hotel is for sale. The construction of this unique building has ...

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5061)

Guesthouse for sale
Address: 8695 Buzsák, Május 1. utca 16.
Price: 116.990 €

SOLD: Restaurant (#5060)

Commercial property for sale
Address: 8655 Som, Ady E. u. 3/A
Price: 109.290 €

Guesthouse for sale (#5059)

Farm guesthouse for sale
Address: 6120 Kiskunmajsa
Price: 225.000 €

Cellar for sale (#5058)

Large cellar, warehouse near M5 motorway
Address: 2378 Pusztavacs, Dánszentmiklósi út 100.
Price: 42.900 €
600 m² brick cellar is for sale for 180 EUR/m² asking price in Pest county 50 km from Budapest and ...

Watermill and Gutenberg museum complex (#5057)

Watermill and Gutenberg museum complex
Address: 3761 Szinpetri, Dózsa Gy. u. 100/A
Price: 3.490.000 €
This property is very exclusive and unique even in Europe, and one of the most visited tourist destination in the ...

Guesthouse and wellness centre (#5056)

Guesthouse and wellness centre
Address: 5141 Jásztelek, Tanya 13.
Price: 843.690 €
The complex consists of 4 individual residential buildings, a diner, a wine cellar, a horse stable, a green house, a wellness centre and ...

SOLD: Pub & Motel (#5055)

Pub & Motel in Sárbogárd for sale
Address: 7000 Sárbogárd, Ady E.út 42.
Price: 109.290 €

SOLD: Hotel in Hajdúszoboszló (#5054)

Hotel in Hajdúszoboszló with 50 rooms
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Liget utca 21.
Price: 950.000 €
The hotel is situated on a 1.600 m² plot on 4 levels with 50 rooms and service areas. Each room ...

Thermal hotel in Hajdúszoboszló (#5053)

Thermal hotel in Hajdúszoboszló with 93 rooms
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Mátyás király sétány 21.
Price: 3.650.000 €
There are 93 rooms with bathroom, minibar, TV, telephone and free wifi in the hotel. Thermal pool, 25 ...

Aparthotel in Hortobágy (#5052)

Aparthotel for 300 guests in Hortobágy
Address: 4071 Hortobágy-Máta, Hortobágy Club Hotel
Price: 4.950.000 €
There are 54 double rooms and 4 suits in the main building. In the wellness wing of the building there ...

Commercial space for sale (#5045)

Commercial property for sale
Address: 6100 Kiskunfélegyháza, Szegedi út 30.
Price: 67.090 €

Guesthouse for sale (#5044)

Bed and breakfast at Danube’s bend
Address: 2627 Zebegény
Price: 1.124.990 €
An 800 m² bed and breakfast is for sale at the most beautiful part of the Danube’s bend in Zebegény’s center. The 2.400 ...

SOLD: Fishing lake (#5043)

Fishing lake and fishermen’s paradise
Address: 2617 Alsópetény, Halastó
Price: 905.990 €
Lake Cser is on the town’s border and one of the most popular fishing and tourist destination of the area with 10000 visitors ...

Guesthouse for sale (#5042)

Bed and breakfast, event venue
Address: 2617 Alsópetény, Petőfi Sándor utca 48.
Price: 219.000 €
On the 998 m² land there is a 53 m² flat with 3 rooms, kitchen and bathroom, a 25 m² ...

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