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Building plot for sale (#3064)

Plot in interior zone in the Bakony
Address: 8419 Csesznek, Vasút utca
Price: 143.000 €
In the heart of the Bakony Mountains in Western Hungary a 12.308 m² plot is for sale in the interior ...

Weekend house for sale (#2039)

Holiday home for sale
Address: Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county
Price: 23.000 €

Farm for sale (#4171)

Farm for sale
Address: 6055 Lajosmizse, Felsőlajos Mizse 9.
Price: 275.000 €

Building plot for sale (#3060)

Land for sale
Address: 7384 Baranyajenő, Szabadság u. 37.
Price: 1.990 €
9 Baugrundstücke stehen mit schöner Aussicht, nahe der Autostraße 66 in Baranyajenő zum Verkauf. Dieses Innengebiet steht unter Entwicklung. Einige der Grundstücke sind ...

Commercial property for sale

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5029)

Guesthouse in Megyer
Address: 8348 Megyer, Fő. u. hrsz. 30.
Price: 38.690 €

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5028)

Guesthouse in Megyer
Address: 8348 Megyer, Fő u. hrsz. 11.
Price: 48.290 €

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5027)

Guesthouse for sale in Megyer
Address: 8348 Megyer, Fő u. hrsz. 10.
Price: 64.490 €

Family guest house (#5026)

Detached guest house near to Lake Balaton
Address: 8767 Pötréte, Kossuth u. 137.
Price: 99.990 €
In the vicinity of Lake Balaton and Hévíz, in a quiet little village, lies this 315 m², three-storey detached ...

Retirement apartment home (#5024)

Retirement apartment home
Address: 7275 Igal, Farkas J. u. 1-3.
Price: 890.000 €
The propertylies on the rolling hills of Somogy County, between Lake Balaton and Kaposvár, ½ mile from the Igal medicinal spa. The ...

SOLD: Pizzeria (#5022)

Pizzeria for sale
Address: 5420 Túrkeve, Bethlen Gábor út 9.
Price: 80.600 €

Vacation village (#5021)

Vacation village in Baranya
Address: 7837 Hegyszentmárton
Price: 499.000 €
In Baranya County, in Hegyszentmárton a holiday village standing in 6.000 m² is for sale. Far from any unpleasant noise, in a romantic environment, this ...

Guesthouse for sale (#5020)

Commercial property
Address: 5340 Kunhegyes, Kossuth út 80.
Price: 196.900 €
In the centre of Kunhegyes, 10 km from the dynamically developing Lake Tisza, this modern commercial building is for sale. The property benefits from ...

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5019)

Guesthouse for sale
Address: 3994 Kishuta, Ságvári u. 69.
Price: 86.000 €

Restaurant for sale (#5018)

Restaurant for sale
Address: 2635 Vámosmikola, Kossuth u. 1.
Price: 149.900 €
Right on the border with Slovakia, 80 km (50 miles) from Budapest in the centre of the Pest County village of Vámosmikola, we ...

SOLD: Business farm (#5017)

Farm for sale
Address: 2700 Cegléd-Nagykőrös
Price: 229.000 €

Land for development (#5016)

Land for industrial development
Address: 8800 Nagykanizsa, Nádas u.
Price: 281.000 €
The property could be used to create a 180 space lorry park. Additionally, a company dealing with the bottling and sale of mineral ...

Leisure park near Győr (#5015)

Commercial property for sale
Address: 9125 Szerecseny, 013 hrsz.
Price: 234.000 €

Investment in the Bükk (#5013)

Investment property in the Bükk foothills
Address: 3555 Harsány, Hegyeshegy dűlő
Price: 1.699.000 €
The property lies in the picturesque foothills of the Bükk mountains and is directly accessed from a national highway. Of the ...

SOLD: Castle Hotel (#5011)

Castle Hotel for sale in Sümeg
Address: 8330 Sümeg, Vak Bottyán utca 2.
Price: 498.000 €
The Castle Hotel has three stars and stands at the foot of the castle hill in the centre of ...

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5010)

Guesthouse near spa for sale
Address: In the countryside, 290 km from Budapest
Price: 960.000 €
in the resort area of an imposing garden suburb, a couple of minutes’ walk from the spa, a country ...

Guesthouse in Slovakia (#5009)

Guesthouse in Slovakia
Address: Okoc-Velky Sek, 269, 93028 Slovakia
Price: 514.000 €
Stylish guest house and family home for sale, standing in almost a hectare (2½ acres) of enclosed grounds, in a delightful rural environment ...

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5008)

Guesthouse for sale
Address: 8600 Siófok
Price: 267.000 €

Guesthouse for sale (#5007)

Guesthouse for sale
Address: 8749 Zalakaros
Price: 375.000 €

Thermal resort for sale (#5006)

Thermal resort in Csokonyavisonta
Address: 7555 Csokonyavisonta, Üdülő sor 1.
Price: 343.900 €
The Four Seasons Thermal Resort lies on the bank of a stream in the immediate vicinity of the thermal spa. Eight apartments ...

Vacation camping for sale (#5005)

Commercial property for sale
Address: 8372 Cserszegtomaj, Barát u. 43.
Price: 405.000 €

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5004)

Guesthouse for sale
Address: 2098 Pilisszentkereszt, Eötvös u. 3.
Price: 139.890 €

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5003)

Guesthouse in the Bakony hills
Address: 8427 Bakonybél, Petőfi u. 5.
Price: 95.000 €
A cosy guest house, renovated, in a gorgeous area of natural beauty, in an outstanding tourist region with plenty of sights ...

SOLD: Farm (#5002)

Agricultural property near Szolnok
Address: 5000 Szolnok, Alcsipuszta 469.
Price: 425.000 €
An agricultural property is for sale in Hungary in a quiet environment just 5 minutes away from the city center of Szolnok. The ...

SOLD: Vacation camping (#5001)

Vacation camping in Jászszentandrás
Address: 5136 Jászszentandrás, Járási iskola út 27.
Price: 550.000 €
In a quiet and calm garden city region, the home of the city hospital’s director general became available for sale. Stylish, ...

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