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Apartment house for sale (#5183)

Family house with 3 apartments for investment
Address: 5600 Békéscsaba, Szőlő utca 28.
Price: 351.000 €
In a quiet, prominent suburban part of the town Békéscsaba, near the Árpád Spa and the city center, on ...

Winery complex for sale (#5182)

Winery complex at a bargain price
Address: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county
Price: 3.648.000 €
With an established clientele, a wine complex and vineyard in a World Heritage Site is for sale at a bargain price. The wines ...

Guesthouse for sale (#5177)

Family estate for guest house, riding stables
Address: Veszprém county
Price: 989.000 €
Away from the noise of the cities, 3 km from Tapolca, for sale is a family estate, suitable for a guest house ...

Detached house for sale (#1334)

Low maintenance, renovated family house
Address: 2700 Cegléd, Örkényi út 108.
Price: 99.000 €
On the outskirts of Cegléd, in a quiet area, for sale is a 50 m² detached house built in 2000. It ...

Farm for sale (#4220)

Farm with two-storey house
Address: 7227 Gyulaj
Price: 75.000 €
In Tolna county, 20 minutes from Dombóvar, for sale is a complete farm with two buildings. The property is located in urban land, so it ...

Detached house for sale (#1327)

House with four rooms to renovate
Address: 6512 Szeremle
Price: 26.900 €
Near the Gemenc Forest, on the banks of the Sugovica (Kamarás-Danube), in a beautiful natural setting, for sale is a four-room country house ...

Detached house for sale (#1325)

Semi-detached house in the Zala Hills
Address: Zala county
Price: 42.000 €
A two-generation semi-detached house of brick construction is for sale in the beautifully situated Zala Hills. The building is in excellent structural condition ...

Champagne factory with hotel (#5159)

Historic, renovated champagne factory with hotel
Address: 7621 Pécs, Szent István tér 12.
Price: 6.500.000 €
The factory was founded in 1809. The renovated property is in good condition. It has historic value with its ...

Land, building plot for sale

Plot for sale (#3073)

9-hectare plot near Budapest
Address: 2162 Őrbottyán
Price: 267.000 €
The plot with panoramic views is located on a hillside between Csomád and Őrbottyán. 7.46 of the 9 hectares is arable land, 1.55 hectares are ...

Plot for sale (#3072)

Land for sale
Address: 8554 Nagydém
Price: 81.000 €

Plot for sale (#3071)

Land for sale
Address: 8360 Keszthely, Lovassy Sándor utca 8.
Price: 3.835.000 €

Plot for sale (#3070)

Plot suitable for tourism
Address: 3176 Hollókő
Price: 77.000 €
Located in the main street of Hollókő (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) in a beautiful valley, which is outstanding from a tourist point of view, ...

Plot for sale (#3069)

Land for sale
Address: Bács-Kiskun county
Price: 154.000 €

SOLD: Plot (#3068)

Land for sale
Address: Bács-Kiskun county
Price: 90.000 €

Plot for sale (#3067)

Commercial building with underground garage in South Buda
Address: Budapest
Price: 936.000 €
In a prominent location in South Buda, for sale is a two-storey commercial building with underground garage for 23 cars and surface ...

Building plot for sale (#3066)

Farmhouse for horses near Budapest
Address: 2162 Őrbottyán, Hosszúföldek útja
Price: 179.000 €
This farmhouse in Őrbottyán, just 20 km from Budapest, offers a great opportunity for horse lovers and those looking for a ...

Building plot for sale (#3065)

Ploughland, forest, pasture, vineyard
Address: Pest county
Price: 42.000 €
On the outskirts of the village of Nyársapát in Pest county, four adjacent plots of land, registered under separate lot numbers, are for sale. The ...

Building plot for sale (#3064)

Plot in interior zone in the Bakony
Address: 8419 Csesznek, Vasút utca
Price: 143.000 €
In the heart of the Bakony Mountains in Western Hungary a 12.308 m² plot is for sale in the interior ...

Building plot for sale (#3061)

Land for sale
Address: Veszprém county
Price: 179.000 €

Building plot for sale (#3060)

Land for sale
Address: 7384 Baranyajenő, Szabadság u. 37.
Price: 1.990 €
9 Baugrundstücke stehen mit schöner Aussicht, nahe der Autostraße 66 in Baranyajenő zum Verkauf. Dieses Innengebiet steht unter Entwicklung. Einige der Grundstücke sind ...

SOLD: Building plot (#3059)

Land for sale
Address: 2459 Rácalmás, Kiss Ernő u. 278/1 hrsz.
Price: 46.000 €

Building plot for sale (#3058)

Building plots for development by Dunakeszi
Address: Pest county
Price: 614.000 €
An empty, even building plot with great potential is for sale in the northern part of Dunakeszi. Ideal for development, it is located ...

Plot for sale (#3056)

Land for sale
Address: Heves county
Price: 43.000 €

Building plot for sale (#3050)

Land for sale
Address: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county
Price: 300.000 €

Building plot for sale (#3049)

Land with geothermal well
Address: Heves county
Price: 1.571.000 €
Situated directly by Lake Tisza, a 13-hectare plot with its own thermal well is for sale for development in thermal tourism. The land is suitable ...

Building plot for sale (#3048)

Land for sale
Address: 8790 Zalaszentgrót
Price: 288.000 €

Building plot for sale (#3042)

Building plot in Kaposvár with panoramic views
Address: 7400 Kaposvár, Kőrösi Csoma Sándor u.
Price: 424.000 €
A building plot with panoramic views and all the public utilities is for sale in a residential area ...

Building plots for sale (#3038)

3 building plots in Tiszaföldvár
Address: 5430 Tiszaföldvár, Ókincsem Fő-út 36-38-40.
Price: 27.000 €
3 building plots in one are for sale (7.800 m²) by the main road of Tiszaföldvár, south of Szolnok near the ...

Building plot for sale (#3028)

Industrial land in Komló
Address: 7300 Komló, 2413/57 hrsz.
Price: 50.500 €
A 7.280 m² industrial plot is for sale in Komló, Hungary. Water, gas and electricity is connected. Industrial land is for sale in ...

Building plot for sale (#3027)

5 hectars land is Szigetvár
Address: 7900 Szigetvár, 061/4 hrsz.
Price: 246.900 €
52.859 m² land is for sale in Szigetvár, Hungary. It is an ideal location for a hotel or a residential complex. The ...

Building plot for sale (#3026)

Building plot for sale
Address: 5331 Kenderes, Vasút u. 40.
Price: 5.990 €

56 plots for sale (#3025)

56 plots for sale in Alsópetény
Address: 2617 Alsópetény
Price: 515.000 €
The property is 45 kms from Budapest in residential area of Alsópetény. Total size is 103.000 m² completely free from all liens, claims ...

Building plot for sale (#3020)

Building plot for sale
Address: 1037 Budapest, Királylaki út 88/a
Price: 383.900 €

SOLD: Land (#3015)

Land for sale
Address: 8600 Siófok
Price: 3.000 €

Land for sale (#3013)

237.900 m² farmland for sale
Address: Romania, Harghita, Chedia Mica
Price: 98.000 €
Stunning location with uninterrupted panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Property comprising three adjacent lots of land is for sale in the ...

SOLD: Plot in Buda (#3009)

Land for sale
Address: 1222 Budapest, Tordai út 27/A
Price: 199.000 €

Plot for sale (#3006)

Land for sale
Address: 2637 Perőcsény
Price: 12.900 €

Plot for sale (#3003)

4.500 m² plot in Siófok
Address: 8600 Siófok, Mészáros L. u. 48.
Price: 339.000 €
In the capital of Lake Balaton, Siofok a 4500 square meters building plot with unique features is available for sale ...

Plot for sale (#3001)

700.000 m² plot in Felsőtárkány
Address: Heves county, Felsőtárkány
Price: 360.000 €
700.000 m² plot is for sale in Felsőtárkány near by the village. It consists of 350.000 m² woods and 350.000 m² meadow. Public ...

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