Commercial property for sale

Plot for sale (#3058)

Commercial building with underground garage in South Buda
Address: Budapest
Price: 819.000 €
In a prominent location in South Buda, for sale is a two-storey commercial building with underground garage for 23 cars and surface ...

Detached house for sale (#1285)

Family house with builders’ yard
Address: Somogy county
Price: 562.000 €
Andocs village is located between Siófok and Kaposvár, where a builders’ yard with a well-established clientele and a complete stock is for sale together ...

Farmhouse for business (#4180)

Renovated farmhouse property for business
Address: Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county
Price: 105.000 €
Renovated farmhouse property. Currently operating as a business: tourist hostel, children’s camp, workers’ accommodation, events. Accommodation for 20 persons. 3 + 2 rooms, 10 ...

Workers’ hostel for sale (#5118)

Workers’ hostel for sale
Address: Komárom-Esztergom county
Price: 441.000 €

Detached house for sale (#1276)

Detached house for sale
Address: 5552 Kardos, Csabai út 85.
Price: 337.000 €

Apartment building for sale (#5117)

Apartment house in the centre of Gyôr
Address: Győr-Moson-Sopron county
Price: 914.000 €
Clean, practical and comfortable, this self-operating accommodation is currently occupied by business travellers. 5 floors, 75 m² per floor, total: 400 m² ...

Mansion for sale (#8040)

Fantastic opportunity in the centre of Vác!
Address: Pest county
Price: 1.997.000 €
A 2.350 m² three-storey mansion to be renovated is for sale 200 metres from the main square of Vác. Entering the building ...

Detached house for sale (#1269)

House with panoramic views at the top of Kôérberek
Address: Budapest
Price: 1.114.000 €
Renovated in 1997, a building with uniquely stunning views is for sale at the top of Kôérberek in Southern Buda. The ...

Hotel by Lake Velence (#5111)

Hotel complex by Lake Velence
Address: 2474 Kápolnásnyék, Tó utca 10/A
Price: 1.771.000 €
A 31-room hotel complex is for sale by Lake Velence, 900 metres from the thermal bath. For the guests there are ...

Business property for sale (#5110)

Commercial property for sale
Address: 7347 Egyházaskozár, Béke u. 19.
Price: 476.000 €

Business property for sale (#5108)

Commercial property for sale
Address: Pest county
Price: 114.000 €

SOLD: Business property (#5107)

Apartment house in Százhalombatta
Address: Pest county
Price: 854.000 €
A high-yield, 19-flat apartment house is for sale in Százhalombatta, an excellent location of the metropolitan area. There are 6.000 companies present in this industrialized ...

Guesthouse for sale (#5105)

Guesthouse for sale
Address: Somogy county
Price: 714.000 €

Commercial space for sale (#5102)

Commercial property for sale
Address: Budapest
Price: 193.000 €

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5100)

Highland guesthouse, business
Address: 2624 Szokolya, Fő utca 53.
Price: 192.000 €
A modernized farmhouse by the gateway to the Danube-Ipoly National Park is for sale. The property is up for sale with a running ...

Business property for sale (#5097)

Commercial property in Kecskemét
Address: 6000 Kecskemét, Ceglédi út 92.
Price: 200.000 €
The premises is located by one of the busiest roads in Kecskemét. The 1,578 m² plot comes with all necessary permits, the ...

Business property for sale (#5096)

Equestrian farm near Pécs
Address: 7675 Kővágótöttös, Külterület 089/5 hrsz.
Price: 986.000 €
12 kms from Pécs in southern Hungary, at the south-western feet in the Mecsek an equestrian farm is for sale. 1.000 m² ...

Business property for sale (#5094)

Commercial property for sale
Address: 3300 Eger, Family Park Eger
Price: 714.000 €

Business property for sale (#5092)

Commercial property for sale
Address: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county
Price: 1.500.000 €

Agricultural property (#5090)

Multifunctional commercial properties
Address: 2381 Táborfalva, Tarcsay u. 7.
Price: 1.091.000 €
Two multifunctional commercial properties connected by a private asphalted road is For sale in Pest county. Lot size: 3.600 m², asphalted road, connected ...

Business property for sale (#5089)

Commercial property for sale
Address: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county
Price: 45.000 €

Business property for sale (#5084)

Commercial property for sale
Address: 7000 Sárbogárd, Salamon utca 23.
Price: 364.000 €

Business property for sale (#5079)

Business property for sale
Address: Heves county
Price: 394.000 €

Business property for sale (#5078)

Business property for sale
Address: 2600 Vác, Szent László út
Price: 1.061.000 €
Rare investment opportunity near the Danube! A commercial property is for sale at one of Vác’s most frequented sites, next to the ...

Inn, house in Slovenia (#5076)

Inn, house in Slovenia
Address: 9220 Lendava, Dolga vas, Glavna ulica 57.
Price: 485.000 €
Three properties on a large plot next to a main road are for sale in Slovenia, near the Hungarian border ...

Fishing lake for sale (#5075)

68-hectare fishing lake
Address: 3292 Adács, Külterület 034/16 hrsz
Price: 1.000.000 €
A 68-hectare lake is for sale 80 kms east of Budapest, 10 kms from Gyöngyös, near the motorway. The lake has been operating ...

Hostel and campsite for sale (#5074)

Hostel and campsite for sale
Address: 2625 Kóspallag, Kisinóci út 017/2.
Price: 1.268.000 €
A traditional hostel and campsite with all the modern conveniences is for sale in the heart of the Danube Bend. Located ...

Hostel with adventure park (#5073)

Hostel with adventure park
Address: 2626 Nagymaros, Törökmező
Price: 1.450.000 €
An incredibly busy hostel which is open all year round is for sale at the Danube Bend. It is located in the middle of ...

Business property in Slovakia (#5068)

Business property in Slovakia
Address: Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia, Železničná 675/1.
Price: 1.000.000 €
Built in 1902 in the Slovakian town of Rimavská Sobotá (Rimaszombat), the property is located on the corner of a sought after ...

Retirement home for sale (#5067)

Retirement home in Bábolna
Address: 2943 Bábolna, József A. u. 2. and 4.
Price: 3.330.000 €
The “House of Cheeriness Retirement Home” has been operating in 2 separate buildings since 2006 as a family enterprise ...

Winery and cellar for sale (#5064)

Renovated winery in Eger
Address: 3300 Eger, Verőszala út 32.
Price: 184.000 €
A 304 m² fully-equipped winery with all its appliances and wine stock is for sale in the historical centre of Eger. Built ...

Wellness hotel for sale (#5062)

Homely wellness hotel
Address: 8749 Zalakaros, Üdülő sor 6.
Price: 1.469.000 €
300 metres from the thermal bath in Zalakaros a magnificent 26-room homely hotel is for sale. The construction of this unique building has ...

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5061)

Guesthouse for sale
Address: 8695 Buzsák, Május 1. utca 16.
Price: 116.990 €

SOLD: Restaurant (#5060)

Commercial property for sale
Address: 8655 Som, Ady E. u. 3/A
Price: 109.290 €

Guesthouse for sale (#5059)

Farm guesthouse for sale
Address: 6120 Kiskunmajsa
Price: 225.000 €

Cellar for sale (#5058)

Large cellar, warehouse near M5 motorway
Address: 2378 Pusztavacs, Dánszentmiklósi út 100.
Price: 42.900 €
600 m² brick cellar is for sale for 180 EUR/m² asking price in Pest county 50 km from Budapest and ...

Watermill and Gutenberg museum complex (#5057)

Watermill and Gutenberg museum complex
Address: 3761 Szinpetri, Dózsa Gy. u. 100/A
Price: 3.490.000 €
This property is very exclusive and unique even in Europe, and one of the most visited tourist destination in the ...

Guesthouse and wellness centre (#5056)

Guesthouse and wellness centre
Address: 5141 Jásztelek, Tanya 13.
Price: 843.690 €
The complex consists of 4 individual residential buildings, a diner, a wine cellar, a horse stable, a green house, a wellness centre and ...

Pub & Motel for sale (#5055)

Pub & Motel in Sárbogárd for sale
Address: 7000 Sárbogárd, Ady E.út 42.
Price: 109.290 €

SOLD: Hotel in Hajdúszoboszló (#5054)

Hotel in Hajdúszoboszló with 50 rooms
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Liget utca 21.
Price: 950.000 €
The hotel is situated on a 1.600 m² plot on 4 levels with 50 rooms and service areas. Each room ...

Thermal hotel in Hajdúszoboszló (#5053)

Thermal hotel in Hajdúszoboszló with 93 rooms
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Mátyás király sétány 21.
Price: 3.650.000 €
There are 93 rooms with bathroom, minibar, TV, telephone and free wifi in the hotel. Thermal pool, 25 ...

Aparthotel in Hortobágy (#5052)

Aparthotel for 300 guests in Hortobágy
Address: 4071 Hortobágy-Máta, Hortobágy Club Hotel
Price: 4.950.000 €
There are 54 double rooms and 4 suits in the main building. In the wellness wing of the building there ...

Commercial space for sale (#5045)

Commercial property for sale
Address: 6100 Kiskunfélegyháza, Szegedi út 30.
Price: 67.090 €

Guesthouse for sale (#5044)

Bed and breakfast at Danube’s bend
Address: 2627 Zebegény
Price: 1.124.990 €
An 800 m² bed and breakfast is for sale at the most beautiful part of the Danube’s bend in Zebegény’s center. The 2.400 ...

SOLD: Fishing lake (#5043)

Fishing lake and fishermen’s paradise
Address: 2617 Alsópetény, Halastó
Price: 905.990 €
Lake Cser is on the town’s border and one of the most popular fishing and tourist destination of the area with 10000 visitors ...

Guesthouse for sale (#5042)

Bed and breakfast, event venue
Address: 2617 Alsópetény, Petőfi Sándor utca 48.
Price: 219.000 €
On the 998 m² land there is a 53 m² flat with 3 rooms, kitchen and bathroom, a 25 m² ...

SOLD: Guesthouse (#5041)

Palóc guesthouse in Hollókő
Address: 3176 Hollókő, Rákóczi út 13.
Price: 124.590 €
Traditional palóc peasant house is for sale in Hollókő. The house was refurbished in 2002 and converted into a bed and breakfast ...

Bed & breakfast and camping (#5040)

Bed & breakfast and camping in Kisharsány
Address: 7800 Kisharsány, Petőfi utca 33.
Price: 2.499.990 €
The estate has been opened 3 years ago and boasts a continuously increasing visitor base. The camping is unique ...